Word Ai Content Spinner- An Honest Review

UPDATE: Read below for some interesting results.

I’m going to talk about content spinning and give my honest review on the most popular content spinner currently available, Word Ai. So, what exactly is a content spinner and should you use one?

A content spinner in simple terms is something that takes already generated content and puts a new spin on it, so to say. It grabs a series of words and programmatically replaces synonyms to create new content. Clearly there are already ethical and SEO questions to take into consideration, but we will break those down.

Why would you use a content spinner?

Most people who use content spinners use them for the wrong reason, to steal content in the hopes of gaining new traffic. But would you believe there are legitimate reasons to use them? For instance, say you have a Woocommerce website that collects products from a data feed. All data feeds contain the same content, which raises the duplicate content problem. A content spinner can help put a new spin on the same boring product. Some people may even use them to spin snippets for an RSS aggregator linking back to the original content. So, there are places for them. Now to talk about my honest review of Word Ai

The Word AI content spinner honest review

If you want to test it out simply click this link for a 3 day free trial.

OK, so where to start?

Reviews: When looking online Word Ai consistently ranks as the best and most reliable spinner available and many of the samples provided prove to be quite readable.

Results: It’s hard to argue with the hard evidence provided in the reviews. The text is clear and grammatically correct and in many cases far better than a lot of well ranked websites in Google results.

But can we rely on these? Let’s start.

I signed up for the 3 day trial and was eager to test the Word Ai Turing spinner. I grabbed some text from the web and entered it, ticked a few boxes, selected Readable and clicked go. After about a minute I got the results. And they were terrible!

This thing is supposed to be intelligent and thinks like a human, at least according tot heir promo videos. I got anything but. However, it had one checkbox I hadn’t checked yet, integration with Perfect Tense, a grammar tool that can hook into the Word AI spinner. I signed up for a 5 day free trial, copied the API key and hit go once more. Surely this time I would get a better result? Nope, same garbage.

So, what was I getting? One word was type, as in on a typewriter (for those old enough to have ever seen one), but the results showing were kind and sort. “Kind french fries into the text field.” Hahaha, I kid you not. It was that bad. I was actually getting similar results from a free web based tool. I simply couldn’t see the value in the tool at this point.

For many non-English speakers who want to try and spin English content for their websites they’d probably be perfectly happy with the results. It’s not their fault. Unless they speak English as a native language they probably wouldn’t know any better. There are also lazy webmasters who simply wouldn’t care about the quality of the content they are placing on the web and they’d simply hit publish and let it run.

However, towards the side they have a few buttons to help tidy things up. Edit protected words and edit custom synonyms. This is where you can turn things around in a big way.

You’re going to spend a lot of time spinning, editing and reading, but when you’re finally done the results will be good (or should be).

  1. Grab some text and do a basic spin and read through the A super unique spin. It will probably sound like crap.
  2. Locate the errors
  3. Decide what words and phrases can be changed and what can’t. Add the ones that can’t to the protected words list. This will typically be names and brands.
  4. For the words that have turned out to be junk highlight them and the poorly chosen synonym.
  5. Click on edit custom synonyms.
  6. Follow the instructions and add your own making sure that they actually make sense. eg. big,large. If you can’t find or think of any that work add the word to the protected words list.
  7. Do a new spin, rinse and repeat.

Continue doing this with the same article until you get a result that actually makes sense. Once you have one that’s good quality grab some new text and try again. Continue sanitizing the results until each new piece of text comes out as clean and unique as possible bearing in mind that you’ll never get 100 percent quality.

Once you’ve done that and your spins are looking quite good you’ll need to do some manual touching up. After each piece of content has been spun go through and read the results. If you see anything that looks like it was written by someone sitting in their basement in China or Russia just rewrite that bit or if need be delete the entire spin.

I’ll be honest. If you don’t care and want to churn out crap get a cheaper or free content spinner, but if you care about your readers and customers, grab Word AI and invest the time into getting it right. The results are well worth the effort.

That wraps up our honest Word Ai review. You can get your free trail by clicking on this link

UPDATE: It’s been 3 weeks since I decided to test this spinner out on a test website using an Automatic Plugin with a content spinner that connects to Word Ai, and I must say that the results are interesting.

I had some trouble, as previously mentioned getting native English reading quality content. Using the Word Ai website I fine tuned it to be of really good quality, but their API just wouldn’t relay all of the customised settings. I reached out to the plugin author who suggested contacting Word Ai. I did that, and despite what they say on their website, the support was lacking. I raised multiple tickets and not a single one was answered. Very disappointing. So if you expect support from this service, give it a miss.

Now for the surprising results. Google constantly say to deliver fresh and unique content and you will rank. Now, I’m trying to wrap my head around this because the spun content is ranking, and in a few cases it is outranking the source! I’m beside myself. I honestly didn’t think any of it would rank, let alone get traffic, but it is. I’ll say this though. The way I’m doing it is probably vastly different to most people. I’ve been extremely selective with the content I’m scraping making sure it all sticks to one topic, was pedantic with the quality of the spin, and only adding one new article every 3 to 5 days. I’m making it look natural. I’ve also got affiliate text links on those pages where I’ve spun a paragraph 5 times and randomise the ad that gets displayed on each post, so the content I’m ending up with probably looks95% unique in Googles eyes.

So, yes, spinning can be done and can bring organic traffic if done correctly. Should it be done? Probably not. Would Google believe the results? I doubt they’d care what little ol’ me has said or done, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Will it last? Probably not. I expect Google are always looking at ways to stop this from happening and I suspect the site to disappear from results at some stage

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