Move email address field to top of Woocommerce checkout page

How to move the email address field to the top of the Woocommerce checkout page. I think it’s no secret that I love Woocommerce, but one thing that I strongly believe is that it captures the customers email far too late in the checkout process. Being able to capture a shoppers email address early on in the process is an important factor. The earlier it is captured, the better chance you have of remarketing that buyer should they decide to abandon their cart before completing the form. This is something that Shopify does quite well, but Woocommerce can also do it.

This neat little snippet will move the email form from the bottom of the billing address field to the top, meaning that you will more quickly capture the email address and be able to target the shopper if they leave early.

* Snippet Move email form to top of Woocommerce checkout page
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* author John Cook
* tested with WooCommerce 3.3.3

function move_my_email_fields( $address_fields ) {
$address_fields[‘billing_email’][‘priority’] = 9;

return $address_fields;
add_filter( ‘woocommerce_billing_fields’, ‘move_my_email_fields’, 10, 1 );

This is what it should look like

email to top of woocommerce checkout page

Where does this code go?

As with all other snippets, it should be placed at the end of the child theme functions.php file before the closing ?> (if your file has it). Alternatively, you can use a custom functions plugin to make these edits which is much safer and can be carried between themes.

Does it work for you?

Did this snippet for how to move the email form on the Woocommerce checkout page to the top work for you? Leave a comment below.

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